About Us

Since 1999, we have been providing our clients with strategic consulting and a full range of creative design and rapid web/app development. Over the years, we have evolved from a small web design firm into a full-service consulting group. From discovery to execution, our passion is delivering solid brand strategy that's always based on insightful analysis. We are a group of forward-thinking strategists, designers, developers and producers. We invite you to experience working with our team for yourself—grow your brand with us.

growIdent Group inc. was founded by Leonid Mirer, and is privately owned and operated. He officially holds the position of president but retains the title of creative director in most of Ident Group's projects. All members of our staff come from diverse backgrounds and are all experts in their respective fields, and we all love our jobs!

The People

Leonid Mirer


Christopher Ruskis

Audio Engineering

Ben Uretsky

IT Strategy

Why Us

Our clients come to us for many reasons. Some seek to create new ventures, reestablish their existing market presence, or refine their business model. Others desire marketing campaigns that yield precise results, innovative web development, graphic design, and audio production. However, it is the clients that are looking to tap their brand's true potential, focus their company direction, and define effective strategies for venturing into cutting edge technology that reap the greatest benefit from our services. We fully immerse ourselves in our customers' industries, redefine the internal and external perception of their brand, and generate excitement through careful coordination of production processes and effective communication.
We help you fully capitalize on the unique value of your brand.